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Eastern Healing Acupuncture brings Ottawa and its surrounding areas true traditional oriental acupuncture. Throughout my 18+ years of practice in Asia and Canada, I’ve successfully helped many men and women of all ages to heal their body, mind and spirit. I’ve treated patients with many conditions, including: acute and chronic pain, and digestive, emotional, respiratory, neurological and gynecological conditions amongst many more others. My goal is to resolve your health issues in the shortest period, with minimum number of treatment. I dedicate time and energy to detect and treat the underlying root of your health issues, not just its symptom(s). Every treatment is customized for your individual health condition, and is adapted in each visit. Our gentle needling method, using disposable needles, is almost painless. Give us a call to find out how we can help you return to optimal health and wellness, or come in for your free initial consultation!

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Acupuncture is the most often practiced component of traditional oriental medicine. It has been used about 3,500 years ago in some Asian countries, and only in the last four decades has it become popular in the West… READ MORE

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Acupressure is alternative method similar in principle to acupuncture. In treatment the precise physical pressure is applied to the same specific points…READ MORE



With the various applications of modern technology, electro acupuncture was developed in around 1958. …READ MORE


Viet Chi Inner Exercise 

Along with above treatment, we believe that practicing the proper exercise can promote the healing process of our body and prevent various illness… READ MORE

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